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Kosta Bryman
posted this on November 1, 2012, 1:34 AM

Boxee - Version

With the previous release we made huge progress on both overall stability and improving Cloud DVR functionality.  We knew about one last major bug, which resulted in “a loss of focus” - basically you couldn’t see the blue cursor to know where you were.  This loss of focus issue ended up also prevented some DVR recordings from taking place.

With this new version,  we have solved both issues and your box should be much more stable and run smoothly. For those in Cloud DVR markets getting your TV signal via an antenna, you should see a big difference in your experience, with a reduction of failed recordings due to increased stability of the device.


Bug Fix's


  • Reduced recording failures due to tuner availability.

  • fixed UI freezes and solved loss of focus issue.

Found a bug? Wish something worked in a different way?

Great! Let us know.  

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